Welcome to SuperFood Heroes®! Follow the steps below to create your school’s customized program. SuperFood Heroes® is designed to fit into your school’s daily routine and become a regular part of your nutrition education.

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Key Stakeholders

Pull these key school partners together to develop this plan together:

Superfood Heroes Leader

Food Service Manager



Wellness Coordinator

Program Workflow

The following pages include an easy 4-step process in developing your program.

Step 1 - Select Vegetables

Pick 3-5 SuperFood Heroes®. Serve each vegetable a minimum of 8 times throughout the school year.

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Step 2 - Program Delivery

Design the program delivery in the best way that fits your school’s routines to enhance the program’s impact on healthy food behaviors.

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Step 3 - Enhancements

Select ONE or MORE of these action items to enhance the students' experience with SuperFood Heroes®

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Step 4 - Promoting the Program

Several tools will help you make SuperFood Heroes® a successful program at your school.

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SuperFood Hero Taste Testing